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Do Catholics Worship Statues and Images?

by Lawson “Trip” Cox Some Protestants believe that when Catholics display sacred art, such as statues and images, they are engaging in idolatry. Is this view Biblical? Prohibitions Against Idolatry Objections to religious imagery – statues in particular – are … Continue reading

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Making Religious Art: An Overlooked Charismatic Gift

I’ve written elsewhere about how the Catholic use of religious artwork is not in violation of the commandment against “graven images” in Exodus 20:4. God’s commandment prohibits the improper use of religious imagery; it is not a wholesale prohibition against … Continue reading

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Preseason Football Rankings…and Worshipping Statues

Football season is just around the corner, and in these parts, anticipation is high: the Georgia Bulldogs are expected to do great things. The USAToday Coaches’ Poll just issued their preseason NCAA rankings and the Dawgs are at the top … Continue reading

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